Beeserker: The Videogame!

A year’s worth of silence has cloaked a great deal of experimentation here, and as stumbling into the world of game design goes, our focus has shifted gears several times along the way. This Summer we decided to experiment with several different development tools however, with an aim to release smaller titles while working on one larger project.

During that time we started playing with Flixel, which when combined with DAME puts a great deal of power into the hands of the first time developer. Our first week with Flixel was spent designing a retro-flavoured platforming game, and afterward we decided to invest a bit more time polishing the results. Of course a bit more time turned into a five week project because that’s just how game design seems to go.

Working with long-time friend Kyattsuai, Beeserker: The Videogame is a short nod to early releases on the Nintendo Entertainment System based on his Beeserker webcomic. Item collecting, platforms and pitfalls, and the only game we’re aware of featuring a robot powered by bees dispatched to prevent the release of its own videogame, we’re pleased to present our first official small release, which you can play for free by clicking on this handy link here.

3 Responses to “Beeserker: The Videogame!”

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Great job guys. I’d love for someone to post a play through video on Youtube or something because I beat the first stage only to be frustrated by having to play a game on my PC with a keyboard in the second stage. 😉

  2. ALH says:

    Goddamn thats adorable

  3. HyMyNameIsMatt says:

    Just wanted you to know, that I both hate and love your game. It’s frustrating, and kinda repetitive, and I love it because it’s so amazing. The bee guy, the dance button, the cover art (best part of the game) it’s all just this wonderful asthetic gush of video game.

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