Scienceman Twins Available Today

Toronto’s sweetest indie videogame developer celebrates the first “Damn, Sonday!” with its second official release, Scienceman Twins!

Once again returning players to the Beeserker Universe, Scienceman Twins invites 1-2 players to work together to scale the heights of The Science Tower, or embrace their competitive spirit to spoil each other’s attempts to reach the top in the name of bee fueled science.

Based on the Beeserker webcomic created by TJ “Kyatt” Cordes, Scienceman Twins also features guest appearances from other well known webcomics, offering instant access to ten playable characters ready to scale the tower and discover its hidden secrets with a web release you can play for absolutely free right now!

What’s left to say except, “Damn, Son! Take me to the Scienceman Twins right now!

Scienceman Twins Releasing This July

The cast of Beeserker returns for retro arcade platforming action this July, with the free web release of Scienceman Twins. Based on the long running Beeserker webcomic and following on the heels of the 2012 release of Beeserker: The Videogame, 1-2 players can fill the science jackets of Yellow and Orange to tackle the challenges of The Science Tower.

The Science Tower is home to a familiar raccoon infestation in addition to hazardous robots and feline ghosts that Yellow and Orange must overcome with quick moves and a seemingly endless supply of wrenches in order to reach the top. Players will be able to work co-operatively in the name of science, or use power-ups and enemies to hinder each other in the proud competitive tradition of claiming the high score while also being a bit of a jerk.

Players can expect a few more surprises when the Scienceman Twins releases for the ridiculously low price of zero dollars later this month, and you can stay up to date on all the details via the Scienceman Twins portal site.

Beeserker: The Videogame!

A year’s worth of silence has cloaked a great deal of experimentation here, and as stumbling into the world of game design goes, our focus has shifted gears several times along the way. This Summer we decided to experiment with several different development tools however, with an aim to release smaller titles while working on one larger project.


Sugar Rockets Is Go!

Team Sugar is proud to announce that we’ve essentially taped this site together over the weekend, with the earnest aim of bringing updates regarding our work as it’s produced and released.

On the gaming front we hope to make an announcement soon, though in the meantime we’ll be making updates about digital content even sooner.

Sugar Rockets Is Test!

Sugar Rockets enters its test and tweak phase. Prepare for the sugar onslaught as our technicians work diligently to usher in this brave new world!

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